Feds React to Mysterious Bahamas Deaths

Feds React to Mysterious Bahamas Deaths

Feds REACT After Mysterious Deaths Reported

(WatchDogReport.org) – The US State Department is looking for answers about the deaths of US citizens at a popular resort in The Bahamas. Three Americans were found dead, and another was sent to the hospital after a mysterious fate rocked their Caribbean vacations. Authorities have no cause of death to report as of yet, but say the deaths were sudden, according to Fox News Digital.

The incident happened at Sandals Resort, a popular destination for Americans. The Royal Bahama Police Force said they entered a villa and found an unresponsive man slumped against a wall and a woman in a similar condition in the bathroom. A third man was found lying on the floor in a separate villa. There were no signs of trauma. A doctor pronounced all three dead shortly thereafter.

While there’s no cause of death, the couple found dead in the villa did seek medical treatment the night before, which may allude to them being sick prior to their sudden deaths. The police said the bodies showed signs of convulsion.

A State Department official told Fox that the US is closely monitoring the situation and, out of respect for the families, had nothing more to add. The investigation is ongoing.

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