FBI Whistleblower Speaks Out on Michael Flynn Case

FBI Whistleblower Speaks Out on Michael Flynn Case

(WatchDogReport.org) – For three years, there have been questions about why the FBI targeted former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The running theory is it happened because the agency wanted to get to President Donald Trump. Now, a whistleblower has confirmed that’s exactly what happened.

According to a court filing in the case to dismiss the charges against Flynn, FBI Special Agent William Barnett denounced the claims of Russian collusion. He told the DOJ the case was “supposition on supposition” and there was never any detail to specific evidence supporting it.

Barnett was apparently so troubled by the investigation he said he “did not understand the point,” the filing claims. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the authority to close the case and it became obvious the point was to “get Trump.”

This isn’t just a random person making these allegations. It’s coming from a top FBI official, and it seems to confirm the investigation into Russia was a witch hunt all along. The agency never had anything on Flynn; it was just using him as a pawn in their game to get at President Trump. Now, the question is: What’s going to be done about it?

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