Family Health Insurance Premiums Skyrocket Nearly 50% Over Last Decade

Health Premiums for Families Skyrocket 50% in One Year

( – Americans are paying more for everything these days. Gas, food, utilities, and health care premiums are all on the rise. The latter hasn’t just increased in the last year though — they’ve skyrocketed over the last decade.

On November 10, the Kaiser Family Foundation released its annual Employer Health Benefits Survey. According to the study, employer-sponsored healthcare premiums for the average family rose 4% in the last year, reaching $22,221. However, the premiums have increased by 47% over the last decade. The rise in costs has outpaced both wage growth (31%) and inflation (19%), making it more difficult for families to maintain coverage.

More than 150 million Americans are covered by employer-based healthcare coverage. While health insurance premiums rise for families who are already struggling, the president has gloated about making coverage more affordable. In August, the White House released a statement bragging, “Health insurance is now more affordable than ever thanks to the American Rescue Plan.” There’s proof that the claim wasn’t true when the statement was made, and isn’t true now.

The American people are struggling to maintain coverage during a global pandemic, but instead of actually helping to lower costs, the Biden administration has tried to gaslight families.

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