Experts Worried Suez Canal Blockage Could Take Years to Fix

Experts Worried Suez Canal Blockage Could Take Years To Fix

( – The massive container ship Ever Given was stuck in the Suez Canal for a total of six days. It is now free, but the trouble it caused is far from over. According to the Associated Press, the stuck barge held up over 420 other vessels during the event. This may have caused long-lasting damage to the area.

Ever Given’s blocking of ships delayed goods in transit, preventing them from reaching their destinations. Although the passage is now free, there are still wide-reaching issues within a supply chain that was already weak due to the global pandemic.

What this means for everyday people is there may be shortages of imported goods coming into North America. Those that do make it could be more expensive. Notable products to watch include coffee and fuel, which have already increased in price. It is not yet known what other products, if any, might face price hikes or be hard to find. Experts worry the impact from this incident could last for years.

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