Expert Says China Was Involved in 2020 Election

Expert Says China Was Involved In 2020 Election

( – In the months before the 2020 election, there was concern that foreign powers would interfere in the process. In October, FBI Director Christopher Wray and DNI John Ratcliffe warned Russia and Iran were meddling in the US election. Many also believe China was involved as well, and now one expert is echoing that belief.

On December 19, China expert Gordon Chang spoke to NTD’s Focus News about the 2020 election. It’s his belief the Communist government interfered in the US election. He pointed to Chinese trolls who “relentlessly attacked [President Donald Trump] on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.”

Social media platforms also purged tens of thousands of fake accounts, originating from China, run by people who wanted to hurt the president.

It’s no surprise the Communist country was involved. They had a lot to gain by pushing Trump out of office. He’s refused to bow to Beijing throughout his presidency and the Chinese government wanted someone who would be soft on them.

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