Ex Social Media CEO Condemns Silent Capitalists

Ex Social Media CEO Condemns Silent Capitalists

(WatchDogReport.org) – Twitter is a company that isn’t exactly friendly to Conservatives. And apparently, the negative attitude extends beyond the current CEO Jack Dorsey. The former head of the company has some vile ideas, as well.

On September 30, Dick Costolo tweeted that he believes “me-first capitalists” should be murdered in some sort of Liberal “revolution.”


The irony of this tweet is that he’s a capitalist himself; you can’t be a CEO and not believe in capitalism. This guy ran Twitter for five years. The idea that he now thinks other business leaders should be executed is beyond ridiculous.

More than that, it proves again how violent the Left has become. Anyone who doesn’t agree with their rose-colored view of society deserves to be shot or injured. The riots from the last several months are a great example of that, too. And, of course, Twitter left the former CEO’s violent tweet up.


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