Epoch Documentary Exposes Alleged Climate Agenda

Epoch Documentary Exposes Climate Agenda

(WatchDogReport.org) – This week, The Epoch Times premiered an exclusive documentary allegedly exposing a global plan to disrupt the world’s food supply all in the name of protecting the climate.

Directed by Roman Balmakov, the documentary “No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat the Bugs?” features farmers from the US, Sri Lanka, and The Netherlands who are losing their land in the push for “Green Policies.” According to Balmakov, the disruption of the world’s food supply in the name of protecting the planet from climate change is “the next global crisis” the worldwide media is ignoring.

Balmakov argues that despite the “precarious” situation with food security, many governments worldwide have been implementing climate policies that have effectively handcuffed farmers and forced them off their land. The director claims the documentary aims to determine why and how this is happening and what is behind what he describes as a “War on Farmers.”

After a screening of “No Farmers No Food” last week, American Stewards for Liberty executive director Margaret Byfield, who is featured in the documentary, told The Epoch Times that what she finds “most concerning” is that governments are “positioning regulations” specifically designed to “push small farming out.”

Stephanie Cross, who owns Tennessee Real Properties LLC, told The Epoch Times after the screening that the documentary unveils the “harsh realities and untold stories” that need to be “brought to light.”

Cross described “No Farmers No Food” as “sobering” and horrific. She said the documentary sheds light on some aspects of the green agenda that are “meticulously and deceptively hidden.” She described the documentary as “both revealing and unsettling.”

“No Farmers No Food: Will You Eat the Bugs?” premiered on EpochTV on Monday, September 25.

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