Elon Musk’s Latest Act Positions Him for Hostile Takeover of Twitter

Elon Musk's Latest Act Positions Him For Hostile Takeover Of Twitter

(WatchDogReport.org) – On April 4, there was an announcement that the richest man in the world, Elon Musk, bought 9.2% of Twitter’s stock, making him the largest shareholder in the company. Oddly, he turned down the chance to sit on the company’s board of directors, leading many to think he’s considering a hostile takeover of Twitter.


Marketing expert Eric Alonzi believes Musk is in a solid position to do just that and add the platform to his immense portfolio. The billionaire has not been shy about his belief in free speech and his views on banning people from Twitter for expressing that right. Perhaps he will use his leverage to take over the company and create a place that embodies “true free speech.”

According to Adam Rizzieri, another marketing expert, had Musk taken the position on the board, it would have placed restrictions on how much of the company he could own and limited what he could say. That is likely why the mogul turned down the seat.

Rizzieri surmises that Musk could take over the company and remove its public status to give him more control over the platform. On Thursday, Musk made an offer to purchase Twitter outright at $54.20 per share.

If Musk does acquire Twitter — either by purchasing it outright or through a hostile takeover — with his views on the First Amendment and his innovative drive, there’s no telling how Twitter could look and function in the near future.

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