Donald Trump Suggests Drug Cartels Will Destroy The Country

Donald Trump Suggests Drug Cartels Love Joe Biden

( – The border crisis is still raging in the US more than four months into the Biden Administration. Hundreds of thousands of immigrants have poured into the country during that time. Both former President Donald Trump and conservative Bill O’Reilly think that drug cartels and criminals are winning big in this situation.

On May 25, during an interview with NewsMax TV, Trump said: “the worst people in the world” are coming into the US through the southern border. He pointed to drug dealers, human traffickers, rapists, and murders entering the US unchecked because of Biden’s failed border policies.

The day before Trump’s interview, O’Reilly told SiriusXM’s “Breitbart News Daily” that he believes “organized crime loves Joe Biden.” He pointed out that the border crisis is creating a financial boon for cartels and human traffickers.

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) have announced the capture of many criminals along the border. And if they’re capturing them, there are probably more who are entering the country undetected. Still, the president has not solved the problem and America is suffering as a result.

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