Donald Trump Releases 2024 Statement

Donald Trump Releases 2024 Statement

( – One of the most pressing questions in politics is whether or not former President Donald Trump is going to run for office again in 2024. Republicans have made it pretty clear they still support him and would love to see him in office again. The former president has been pretty quiet about it, but he did recently reveal some information about his plans.

On May 24, conservative Dan Bongino launched his new radio show, “The Dan Bongino Show,” in the time slot once held by Rush Limbaugh, who died earlier this year. His first interview was with Trump. Of course, Bongino asked the former POTUS about his future plans.

Trump responded to the question by saying, “We’re going to make you very happy” and running through some of the successes from his first term.

The former president has previously said he’ll make a decision about the 2024 race after he sees how well Republicans do in 2022. If they win the majority back in Congress, he might run again. It seems we will all have to wait and see what’s going to happen. The midterms are about a year and a half away.

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