DOJ Wants FBI To Abolish Using Crime Statistics To Fit Political Narrative

DOJ Wants FBI To Abolish Using Crime Statistics To Fit Political Narrative

( – The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) would seem to have its hands full with appointing special councils, labeling seditious conspirators, not indicting any member of the Biden family, and labeling parents who object to leftist school programs as ‘terror threats.’ However, it seems they do have time to create a set of new crime investigation guidelines in the name of anti-discrimination.

The new regulations would ban law enforcement from using statistics or metrics that fall under what they call ‘protected characteristics.’ Among these particular traits are “facially neutral factors as a proxy,” which means no description may go out of a suspect in any general terms about race or any other stereotypes.

All relayed information must be specific only to the person sought. The new proposal prohibits mentioning sexual orientation, nationality, religion, gender identity, or even a disability to “any degree.”

The regulation mentions “high crime areas” as another range in which law enforcement cannot make generalizations as it could reflect an implicit bias and bring too much law enforcement. The only exception would be if a specific person with protected characteristics could be found in an exact location during a precise time frame.

The new rules would prohibit officers from looking at any prior crime stats about any community to come to conclusions that may have a discrimination bias. In other words, an officer’s experience with certain people in certain areas or lifestyles is now not to be considered. The DOJ claims its own and other crime statistics are “inherently biased and unreliable” and, if used, will likely create discrimination of a protected class.

Crime research often shows that most crimes are committed by small groups of repeat offenders who usually reside in specific locations. Under these new rules, data like this may not be collected, used, or disseminated.

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