DeSantis Offers His Official Stance on Abortion Bans

DeSantis Offers His Official Stance on Abortion Bans

( – Florida Governor and Republican presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis said on August 7 that he wouldn’t support punishment for those who violate abortion bans in the United States. During an interview with NBC News, the GOP leader said he wouldn’t endorse these punishments “at all,” as he pointed out he doesn’t think this is a woman’s “issue.”

DeSantis explained that many women who choose to have an abortion are already suffering terrible circumstances and aren’t getting the support they need “from their fathers” and family. He said he believes that many women across the country decide to go through this type of procedure as they don’t have a well-established “support system.”

When asked what he believes is the main reason why so many women decide to have an abortion, the Florida Governor told host Dasha Burns this happens because they feel “abandoned.” After that, he said that he and his team have been providing support to all women in Florida, putting “our money where our mouth is.” The Republican leader then said that, at the end of the day, he wouldn’t support any penalty.

Burns then asked the presidential candidate whether he would veto any federal legislation aiming to impose a nationwide prohibition. DeSantis responded he only wanted Americans to know he would be a “pro-life president” supporting “pro-life policies” in the country.

In another part of the interview, Burns and DeSantis traded shots about Democrats’ stances on abortion, with the candidate explaining that contraception would be available. On this issue, the Florida Governor has repeatedly claimed that many liberals have shown “hypocrisy.”

Back in July, the Republican leader was criticized by Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America President, Marjorie Dannenfelser, for not supporting this national ban. She claimed his position was “unacceptable” as a pro-life president has the “duty” to protect the life of every American. She also suggested pro-life voters wouldn’t vote for him after pointing out DeSantis should be a “National Defender of Life.”

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