Department of Transportation Declares Emergency

Department of Transportation Declares Emergency

( – On May 7, Colonial Pipeline Company shut down part of its fuel pipeline after a cyberattack. The pipeline is the largest in the country, servicing 17 southern and eastern states, plus the District of Columbia. As a result of the attack, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has declared an emergency.

The DOT’s Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued the emergency declaration on May 9. The order allows for an hours-of-service exemption for truck drivers who are transporting fuel. Ordinarily, a fuel transporter can work up to 14 hours in a 24-hour period; the emergency order allows them to exceed that.

The FBI is blaming the hacking group Darkside for the attack.

The ransomware attack once again shows how vulnerable entities are in the tech age. It also demonstrated how important it is for companies to have robust cybersecurity systems in place to prevent attacks like this.

The emergency order will be in place until June 8 or until the issue is resolved.

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