Dems Fail to Pull Off Landslide Wins

Dems Fail to Pull Off Landslide Wins

( – Democrats were incredibly confident going into Election Day on November 3. They thought Joe Biden would win Florida or Texas early and essentially end the presidential race before it really got started. Also, there was talk they’d sweep the Senate and the House. They were wrong — on all counts.

President Donald Trump snatched up Florida and Texas, unsurprisingly. He has huge bases of support in both states. As for the Senate, Democrats lost a seat in Alabama and failed to pick up seats in North Carolina, South Carolina, Maine, and Georgia. They might be able to squeak out a majority, but it’s looking less likely.

Finally, although Democrats will retain control of the House, they’re expected to lose at least six seats.

It wasn’t a great night for the Left. They might still win the White House, but Republicans are likely to keep control of the Senate, putting a stop to their Leftist wish lists from going into effect. All of this is speculation, though. We probably won’t know the outcome of the election for a few days.

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