Democrats’ Request Could Force Domestic Flyers to Get Vaccine Before Flying

New Rule Could Force Domestic Flyers to Get Vaccine Before Flying

( – The fight over vaccine mandates is still raging, even though President Joe Biden has suffered a number of setbacks. The POTUS recently required all international travelers to be vaccinated before they enter the US, and Democrats want to expand the directive.

On November 11, a group of 36 Democrats sent a letter to Biden urging him to make all domestic travelers get the COVID-19 vaccine before flying. The lawmakers claimed it’s a “necessary and long overdue step” in the fight against the virus. They want the change to take effect before the holidays when travel increases across the country. If the travelers do not want to get the vaccination, then the Left believes they should have to present a negative test result.

While Democrats try to impose more restrictions on travel, Republicans are worried that vaccine requirements for airline employees are going to cause travel nightmares this holiday season. The industry is already dealing with employee shortages, and the GOP thinks mandates could make it worse.

The Biden administration has not indicated what it plans to do. It’s been a week since the Leftists sent the letter, but the president hasn’t imposed any new travel rules.

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