Democrats Push to Purge the Military of Trump Supporters

Democrats Push to Purge The Military of Trump Supporters

( – It’s no secret the Democratic Party hates former President Donald Trump. They’ve made that crystal clear over the last four years. Now, they’ are reportedly taking it a step further.

According to the Federalist, in the lead-up to Inauguration Day, Democrats were attacking members of the National Guard who support Donald Trump. Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) spoke to CNN on January 18, and said the service members are “predominantly more conservative” so there might be about “75%… who might want to do something” to disrupt the inauguration.

The Pentagon started vetting the National Guard members who were assigned to the event to look for extremist ties. That’s not unusual, but what exactly were they looking for? The idea that Trump supporters were being singled out made Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) extremely upset.

Of course, the inauguration went on and the National Guard kept everyone safe. But, now there are questions about just how far the Left is going to go to insulate Joe Biden and their ideology. Is the military going to be the next target of the Woke Mob?

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