Democrats Add Controversial Items in New Bill

Democrats Sneak Controversial Items In New Bill

( – The Democratic Party is currently trying to convince Senators Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) to vote for their massive spending bill. The moderates believe the $3.5-trillion price tag is too large. Republicans recently pointed out the reason the cost is so high is that the Left is stuffing it with pork.

On October 20, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform released a report about outrageous items the Democratic Party has added to President Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” plan. The GOP lawmakers refer to the human infrastructure bill as a “socialist wish list,” and they take particular issue with the Democrats following provisions:

  • Tax credits and breaks to wealthy people like for local news organizations
  • $3.5 billion dollars to young climate activists and $34 billion for green technology
  • $80 million to the IRS to enforce the long-standing requirement that Americans pay taxes on income over $600
  • Taxes on natural gas and oil production
  • Attempting to provide amnesty to immigrants; the Senate Parliamentarian ruled it wasn’t allowed in the bill
  • Millions for environmental projects

Democrats need all of their members to vote for the legislation to push it through the Senate. If Manchin and Sinema continue to hold out because of the massive price tag, the bill is dead on arrival.

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