Cows Potty Trained in Climate Change Effort

Cows Potty Trained in

( – Any parent will tell you one of their most difficult jobs was potty training their toddlers. It takes a lot of patience and effort. Now, imagine trying to potty train a cow. Yeah, sounds crazy, right? But, that’s what one group of scientists is doing, and it’s for a good cause.

According to a September 13 Associated Press report, scientists at a lab in Dummerstorf, Germany tried to potty train 16 cows. Eleven of the animals learned how to use the “MooLoo” when they had to go. The researchers said it actually wasn’t very hard to train young calves; it only took about 15 days. Parents across the world are now wishing they had young calves in their homes instead of human children.

What was the point of the potty training? It’s simple: climate change.

The scientists explained that urine contains nitrogen and when it mixes with feces, it creates ammonia. That can lead to acid rain and other environmental toxins. Researchers believe they could teach cows how to go to the bathroom in specific areas in order to contain the waste products and possibly reduce greenhouse gases.

Duke University Scientist Brian Hare told the AP he’s not surprised that the researchers were able to train the calves, but, “The critical question is can it and will it scale?”

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