COVID and the War on K-12 Education

COVID and the War on K-12 Education

( – The COVID-19 pandemic has been raging in the US for months now. Businesses are finally open in most places, and the economy is roaring back to life. The only area where leaders are consistently failing is in education.

Students around the country are in limbo. Millions are learning from home. Teachers are overwhelmed. And kids are falling through the cracks. Now, parents are protecting the systems they’ve set up for their children.

Protecting the Pod

Many parents across the country are not comfortable with the educational options given to them by their school districts. This has led to neighborhoods coming together and forming learning pods. These groups pool their money and hire tutors or private teachers for their kids.

The professionals then go to one house where a group of children learns together. It’s a brilliant idea borne out of frustration over the education their children were receiving during the pandemic.

Now, there’s a problem. School districts and other officials are starting to notice how popular these groups are, leading to regulations. Nineteen states have imposed new rules that target the learning pods. Some teachers in Virginia, for example, are no longer allowed to tutor kids outside of school. Broward County in Florida requires pods to have licenses.

What Parents Can Do

Parents who want to keep their pods alive will have to organize and fight. Reaching out to legislatures, county officials, and school boards to protect kids from draconian big government policies will be essential.

The government has no business trying to regulate the way parents help their kids get through the pandemic. Frankly, if districts are so worried about it, they could open the schools completely and make sure children have what they need to stay safe and continue their education. If they aren’t prepared to do that, then the rights and wishes of the parents need to be honored.

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