Couple Finds ‘Momma’ Snake and 17 Little Snakes Under Bed

Couple Finds ‘Momma’ Snake And 17 Little Snakes Under Bed

( – Picture this: you’re in your bedroom when you see a piece of fuzz on your floor. You bend down to pick it up but the fuzz moves. You soon discover the thing you thought was fuzz is actually a snake and there’s a whole litter under your bed. No, that’s not just a nightmare, it actually happened to a Georgia couple.

On July 11, Trish Wilcher bent down to pick up what she thought was a harmless object on the floor only to discover it was a snake. Worse? She had more under her bed.

When all was said and done, Wilcher and her husband Max found a mother and 17 of her babies.

Max found a grabber tool, picked each snake up, and placed them in a linen bag. He then walked to a creek near his home and released the snakes. A wildlife expert came out to their home and told the couple they had nonvenomous garter snakes in their house.

Wildlife experts say people are likely to see more snake activity in the summer months. Phinizy Center for Water Sciences Environmental Educator Camilla Sherman says people can spot a venomous snake by looking at its head. If it’s shaped like a triangle with cat-like eyes, stay away. Call a wildlife trapper for help if you see one inside of your home.

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