Country Star Cancels Events Amid Vaccine Controversy

Country Star Cancels Events Amid Vaccine Controversy

( – Music and entertainment venues across the country are imposing COVID-19 restrictions on customers. The rules caused a popular country musician to take a stand for his fans.

On Monday, October 18, Travis Tritt announced he’s canceling multiple shows due to mandates. The singer spoke to The Daily Wire, saying that “any venue or promoter mandating masks, requiring vaccinations or pushing COVID testing protocols” on his fans won’t be tolerated.

Tritt isn’t the only entertainer to cancel shows held at venues that have strict requirements. In July, Eric Clapton announced he would not play at a venue that requires proof of COVID-19 vaccines. He explained that he wouldn’t play anywhere that discriminates against his fans. In September, “Saturday Night Live” alum Jim Breuer said he will also cancel shows at venues that require vaccinations.

Tritt’s statement stands out because he won’t perform at venues that require any COVID-19 safety measure. He’s truly leaving it up to his fans to decide whether they want to make the decision to come out for his show. As mandates divide the nation, this will likely be an issue that remains a hot topic.

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