Controversial Identification Scans Temporarily Banned Overseas

Controversial Identification Scans Temporarily Banned Overseas

( – The Kenyan government has temporarily banned iris scans performed by Worldcoin, citing privacy and security concerns for citizens.

Worldcoin, a company created by Sam Altman, says its goal is to develop a form of identification for individuals that cannot be stolen or duplicated, called a World ID. This identification could be used as a replacement for passwords. To create the ID, Worldcoin uses what they call “orbs” to scan an individual’s eyeball, specifically the iris.

Worldcoin has also stated that this global identification method could be used to determine if a subject is human. The company believes that with the evolution of AI, it will eventually become impossible to tell if a person is human or a machine, and the iris scans will give a definitive answer.

Tens of thousands of people have been standing in line for days in many Kenyan cities to have their irises scanned by Worldcoin orbs. The overwhelming response to the scans results from the company offering a form of cryptocurrency worth about $50 to anyone who submits to the scans. The average monthly income in Kenya is only about $170.

The government in Kenya is wary of the true intentions of Worldcoin concerning the personal data of citizens. An investigation is underway to determine how securely the data will be protected and exactly how it will be used.

Digital data is often sold to companies that specialize in personalized marketing. This is a concern for the Kenyan government, along with the fact that many individuals were not even aware of why their eyes were being scanned. They claim they were never given an explanation of how their information would be stored or used or the intended purpose behind the scans. Kenya is the largest economy in East Africa, but the cost of living continues to rise, leaving many desperate for extra funds.

Worldcoin hopes to continue with the scans and progress once the government completes the investigation.

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