Clinton Aide Says Bill Clinton Was on Epstein’s Island

Clinton Aide Says Bill Clinton Was on Epstein’s Island

( – For years, rumors have circulated about Bill Clinton’s involvement with Jeffrey Epstein. The former president denied ever visiting the so-called Pedophile Island owned by the billionaire. But, his longtime aide may have outed him in a new interview.

On December 2, Vanity Fair published an article titled, “Confessions of a Clintonworld Exile.” The piece centered around an interview author Gabriel Sherman had with Doug Band, Bill Clinton’s longtime aide. He revealed a shocking piece of information about the former president.

According to Band, Clinton did visit Epstein’s private island. The aide says he refused to go there with him.

If Band is telling the truth, there’s no telling what Clinton did on Epstein’s creepy island. Lawsuits claim the billionaire sexually abused underage girls on the island. Was the former president part of that abuse? Unfortunately, nobody seems to be answering that question.

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