CIA Director Puts Putin Health Rumors to Rest

CIA Director Puts Putin Health Rumors to Rest

U.S. Intel Reveals TRUTH About Vladimir Putin’s Health

( – Russian President Vladimir Putin is “entirely too healthy,” according to CIA Director William Burns. While speaking at the Aspen Security Forum, he addressed the gossip about the authoritarian’s physical well-being and squashed concerns that an overthrow attempt could leave a power vacuum in an already unstable government.

Rumors of Putin’s poor health have been a recurring theme since the invasion of Ukraine in February. As recently as early June, intelligence specialists were telling Newsweek about possible cancer scenarios. Speculation of Parkinson’s disease, as well as a good amount of talk about the president’s apparent paranoia and germophobia, led to chatter of a possible coup.

Director Burns doesn’t believe any of that is true. While admitting that his assessment isn’t official intelligence, his experience says he may just know a thing or two. Burns spent two tours in Moscow as US Ambassador, and he knows Vladimir Putin better than most.

Burns says Putin isn’t living in reality when it comes to Russia’s position in the world. He holds delusions of controlling the next Soviet Union and believes it’s his destiny to re-unify a region that by all accounts, wants little to nothing to do with their former overlords at the Kremlin.

That likely won’t sway Putin, whose underestimation of the Ukrainians’ will to defend their sovereignty has cost his country dearly in both equipment and lives, not to mention its standing in the world. Nevertheless, if Burns is correct, it doesn’t look like it will be a health crisis or shift of power that will end Putin’s reign anytime soon.

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