Chris Wallace Claims He Doesn’t “Pull Punches” Amid Attacks Against Him

Chris Wallace Claims He Doesn't

( – The first presidential debate of the election season took place on September 29. Was it ever a doozy. President Donald Trump stomped all over Joe Biden, while Chris Wallace repeatedly failed at his job as a moderator. The whole episode was ironic considering the Fox News’ host’s comments leading up to the debate.

In an interview published in June, Wallace told the New York Times that he doesn’t “pull punches” and he won’t be “playing favorites. The exact opposite happened on Tuesday night. Wallace repeatedly chastised the president and only interrupted Biden a couple of times.

Twitter users slammed Wallace’s performance.

Joe Biden was allowed to call the president names and tell him to shut up. Meanwhile, when Trump interrupted, Wallace jumped all over him. If that’s how the Fox News host “pulls no punches,” he’s doing it wrong, and it’s embarrassing.

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