Chinese Tragedy Allegedly an Intentional Act

Chinese Tragedy Allegedly an Intentional Act

Boeing Plane CRASH – It Looks Intentional

( – The Boeing 737-800 that slammed into a mountain in a remote region of China earlier this year was just doing what it was told, according to US officials. The Wall Street Journal published an exclusive report detailing what people close to the case believe happened. Based on several key pieces of evidence, it appears the crash was no accident.

It’s unclear exactly what happened in the cockpit, but what does seem clear is that it wasn’t a mechanical failure. The plane went where it was told based on input from the controls, according to the plane’s in-flight recorder, or “black box.”

The jet took a 29,000-foot nose dive in under 2 minutes, with some sort of an event at 8,000 feet that may have been someone trying to level the plane off. It went into a nearly-vertical descent at that point, slamming into a mountain and killing everyone on board.

The circumstances of the fall, coupled with a lack of safety notices from Boeing, tell a terrifying story. Pilot suicide is a likely motive, but someone storming into the cockpit and seizing control is also not out of the question. Either way, it appears that the crash was intentional, and the lives lost were collateral damage.

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