Chinese Space Mission Puts World at Risk

Chinese Space Mission Puts World at Risk

( – The Chinese government isn’t exactly known for its loving, caring relationship with the rest of the world — or even its people. Recently, they did something so unbelievably irresponsible it’s put the rest of the world at risk.

On April 30, Space News reported the Chinese are allowing an uncontrolled rocket to plummet back to Earth. The Long March 5B rocket had a 22.5-metric-ton Tianhe module attached to it, which separated from the core stage of the launcher. But now, that core stage is in orbit and scientists expect it to come back to Earth in an uncontrolled manner sometime in the next few days.

There’s now a chance the rocket core could hit an inhabited area when it comes back to Earth. According to Fox News, it’s about 100 feet long and every 90 minutes it orbits the planet, passing Beijing, New Zealand, and New York — putting those places and everywhere in between in danger.

The news is just one more example of the Chinese government demonstrating how little they care about the well-being of the rest of the world.

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