China Gathers Forces at Taiwan Border

China Gathers Forces at Taiwan Border

( – The self-governing island of Taiwan issued a warning on September 12 that the Chinese regime is massing forces at its military bases on the coasts facing Taiwanese territory. The island’s Defense Ministry published a report claiming China is expanding its military activities and airfields on “Taiwan’s doorstep” and pointed out that Beijing has probed Taiwan’s territory daily. The report also notes that the island is bolstering its defense capabilities in response to the “Chinese threat.”

In a statement, Major General Huang Wen-Chi said China’s Communist Party has aggressively expanded its military equipment. He also stated that China has continued to build different types of drones and fighter jets, whose main goal could be attacking military targets in Taiwan. Huang pointed out that the information he receives about the most important military bases on the coast is constantly being updated.

According to reports, China’s armed forces sent two dozen warplanes near Taiwanese territory. The island’s Defense Ministry noted that 20 Chinese warships and 22 warplanes entered the Taiwan Strait and pointed out that 13 of these aircraft crossed the median line, which is the demarcation line for military activity between the two nations.

On September 11, the Chinese regime deployed its Shandong aircraft carrier to the Taiwan Strait. This ship is one of the three carriers that Beijing has, and it sailed within 112 kilometers of the democratic island and even conducted numerous drills in a threatening manner.

Over the last few months, many media outlets have reported that China has been using displays of military power around the island as a strategy. Beijing usually executes this action every time a Taiwanese government official meets with a United States counterpart.

While the Chinese regime has threatened to take over the island by any means over the last few decades, China has shown more aggression toward Taiwan in recent years.

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