China and Taliban Making a Deal on Belt and Road Initiative

China and Taliban Making a Deal on Belt and Road Initiative

( – Afghanistan, a country long torn apart by wars, is incredibly valuable thanks to its geographic location and natural resources. A new deal the nation just struck with China and Pakistan could bring in billions of dollars.

The now Taliban-ruled nation recently got a major military upgrade thanks to the Biden Administration gifting it billions worth of military goods and equipment as part of the botched withdrawal in 2021. Although the administration, with the help of the media, has been trying to spin that number and lower it in the months since.

The deal between the three nations will see Afghanistan receive around $60 billion for the ‘reconstruction’ of the nation. China’s President Xi Jinping has been pushing his ‘belt and road initiative’ for over a decade, for which access to Afghanistan is essential.

Furthermore, the Taliban would like to make more deals with China in the neighborhood of $1 trillion for the rare minerals in Afghanistan. These minerals are essential for electric car batteries and other elements needed for the ‘green energy’ movement being imposed upon the citizens of the West by their governments.

Through these agreements, Pakistan and China are trying to circumvent over $9 billion in sanctions the US has put on the nation. The Biden Administration has unfrozen half of this already in a deal with the Taliban to loosen restrictions on Afghan women.

Since the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iran, China, Russia, and Pakistan have all accepted the country and are looking to make various business arrangements with the regime government. They’ve provided millions in funding to the Taliban, but none have officially recognized them as the formal government.

On the other side, the US has spent over $2 billion on humanitarian aid related to Afghanistan since the withdrawal. Additionally, the United Nations is requesting another $4.6 billion to aid with poverty in Afghanistan.

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