Chairman of China Committee Says Biden Should Take China Seriously

Chairman of China Committee Says Biden Should Take China Seriously

( – Wisconsin Republican Mike Gallagher is a United States House of Representatives member and the chairman of a new committee formed to address issues between America and China. Gallagher has put out a warning regarding the Communist giant and its stance on Taiwan.

China has made it clear that it considers Taiwan part of the mainland and intends to force the democratic island under its rule. Gallagher says such a decisive move could start World War III. He is calling on the Biden Administration to take the threat seriously and implement stronger action plans to thwart such a threat.

Gallagher advises that there is a window of time that will be the most dangerous for Taiwan. He says January 2024 will be the opening of that window because of the Presidential elections happening in both the United States and Taiwan. He claims that Chinese President Xi Jinping could invade the island then, prompting a third World War.

Chairman Gallagher says the Biden Administration is not actively addressing the threat and that past moves made by dictators should be enough of an indication of just how real the Chinese threat may be. He says President Biden does not think China will invade in the coming years. Still, Gallagher thinks America should prevent it from ever happening at any point in the future.

China has been conducting threatening drills off the coast of Taiwan in recent days. The military presence is a response to the meeting held in California between American lawmakers and the President of Taiwan. Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and colleagues from both sides of the aisle hosted President Tsai Ing-wen for bipartisan discussions to highlight cooperation between America and Taiwan and reconfirm diplomacy and support. Taiwan does plan to resist Chinese efforts and needs military equipment to do so.

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