Celebrities React to Dementia Diagnosis Among Their Own

Celebrities React to Dementia Diagnosis Among Their Own

(WatchDogReport.org) – Bruce Willis made a name for himself as an American actor, starring in such films as “Die Hard,” “Pulp Fiction,” and “The Sixth Sense.” But his acting talent wasn’t limited to movies. Willis starred opposite actress Cybill Shepherd in “Moonlighting” and acted on stage in some Off-Broadway shows. In March 2022, the actor’s family announced doctors had diagnosed Willis with aphasia, and he was stepping back from his career.

On February 16, the Willis family made another announcement, updating the public about the famed actor’s medical condition. They explained that his condition had worsened since the family’s previous revelation in 2022. Doctors honed in on a more specific diagnosis for the actor — frontotemporal dementia (FTD). After the announcement, many celebrities reacted to the news, taking to social media to show their support.

The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) described the brain disorder as largely unknown and especially cruel. Sadly, there is no current treatment for the ailment, but the family is hoping Willis’ fame and openness about his condition will bring more attention to FTD and perhaps more research and future treatments.

Willis’ ex-wife and fellow actor Demi Moore posted on Instagram following the announcement. She thanked everyone for their immense support and expressions of love during this trying time. Moore said the family was relieved to finally have a definitive diagnosis.

Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” also reacted to the statement, sending “hugs” to the family and praising Bruce Willis himself as a “damn legend.” California’s former first lady, Maria Shriver, reacted to the news on Twitter, commending the Willis family for “shining a much needed light” on FTD, sending love to the family, and encouraging others to show their support by respecting the actor’s privacy.

Among the other notable actor who publicly spoke out after the news broke included Queen Latifa, Alyssa Milano, Paris Hilton, and Rita Wilson.

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