Border Crisis Reaches Worst Point in 20 Years Under Biden

Border Crisis Reaches Worst Point in 20 Years Under Biden

( – Preliminary numbers of daily migrant encounters at the border during July show the largest influx of people trying to cross into the United States “since fiscal year 2000.” The estimated 210,000 individuals don’t even include those that successfully evaded authorities and entered the US undetected.

Keep in mind, according to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), about “34% of all migrants” counted in June previously tried to cross the border in the past 12 months. So, it stands to reason some of the 210,000 estimated are duplicates in July as well.

Still, the number continues to increase, and overwhelmed border agents are struggling to keep up with the avalanche of people approaching the US line. And, with the lack of a solid plan to stop the surge, President Joe Biden can’t guarantee any end in sight. In fact, the president places the blame for the outrageous numbers squarely on the shoulders of the previous administration.

But, the blame doesn’t matter when hoards have to wait in the sweltering heat for processing — about 10% of those being unaccompanied children. If the government doesn’t put its foot down soon, the crisis will continue to swell, putting not only precious lives in danger but the sovereignty of the United States as well.

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