BOMBSHELL Revelation — Democrats Can’t Hide From This!

Kari Lake Reveals List of Times Democrats Were Election Deniers

Kari Lake Reveals List of Times Democrats Were Election Deniers

( – Ever fond of clouding the issues, lefty Liberals have lashed out at Arizona gubernatorial hopeful Kari Lake for questioning the results of the still-highly-disputed 2020 presidential election. A reporter hoping to capture a “gotcha moment” on video had an unpleasant surprise when the Republican candidate turned the table on his question and swiftly recited a list of times Democrats were election deniers.

On October 18, an unnamed reporter asked Lake why so many people questioned whether she actively denied the legitimacy of Joe Biden’s presidency during a question-and-answer session with the media. Lake admonished the journalist, noting if the media wanted to have that discussion, they needed to remember who else challenged election results.

Another reporter named George followed up, asking essentially the same question. Lake called out for a gentleman named Anthony, who quickly handed her a stack of documents. Lake told members of the press that the paperwork detailed 150 incidents of Democrats denying election results.

Continuing, Lake started discussing some of the culprits. “Oh wow, look at this,” she exclaimed before discussing a claim from Biden’s press secretary that Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA) “stole the gubernatorial election” from Democratic rival Stacey Abrams and Georgians. Lake also cited failed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, the notoriously left-leaning Los Angeles Times, and other notable Democrats and leftist groups.

What do you think about Kari Lake bringing the receipts?

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