Black Voters Sue Over Foreign Nationals Voting

Black Voters Sue Over Foreign Nationals Voting

( –  In December 2021, New York City Council Democrats voted to give non-citizens the right to vote in local elections after they’ve lived in the city for 30 consecutive days. In response, four black New York residents filed a lawsuit saying the rule violates the 15th Amendment to the Constitution. They’re not interested in having their voices diluted by foreign nationals who aren’t even US citizens. The plaintiffs see the council’s decision as “racially discriminatory” and outside the scope of its legal powers.

The residents insist the Democrats knew about the “racial composition” and the move’s impact on black voters, but they passed the plan anyway.

The left-leaning group’s original rationale for granting the privilege was that if the green card holders live in the area permanently, work, and pay taxes, they should have a say in who represents U.S. citizens in the government. The measure added nearly one million new people to New York City’s voter rolls, an enormous number of voters that are certain to diminish the power of each current voter’s impact on the electoral process.

This lawsuit is the second of its kind. In January, the New York State Republican Party filed a similar suit, Fossella v. Adams, attempting to stop the ”un-American law” and leave the voting to actual US citizens.

How do you feel about noncitizens voting in elections?

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