Black Community Slams Joe Biden’s Comments Towards Minorities

Black Community Slams Joe Biden's Comments Towards Minorities

( – President Joe Biden has a real problem with making racist comments. That was demonstrated once again during a CNN town hall last Tuesday, February 16. He said black and Hispanic people haven’t been able to schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments because they don’t know how to get online.

Many people in the black community are furious about the president’s latest remarks.

The Source, a popular website within the black community, published the president’s remarks, calling them “controversial.” Terrence K. Williams, an actor, said Biden thinks people of color “are all ignorant.”

It’s comments like these that prompted more black men to vote for former President Donald Trump in 2020 than any other GOP president in at least 40 years. If the Democratic Party continues to support candidates like that, it’ll continue to bleed minority voters. The data is clear: they do not want racist politicians who make empty promises to represent them.

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