Bill Gates Sought Advice From Jeffrey Epstein Regarding His “Toxic” Marriage

Bill Gates Sought Advice From Jeffrey Epstein Regarding His

( – When you think about a relationship expert, convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is probably not even on your list. But, allegedly, that’s who Bill Gates went to when he was having trouble with his wife, Melinda.

According to a May 16 report by The Daily Beast (a Left-leaning website), sources said the Microsoft co-founder used to spend quite a bit of time at Epstein’s NYC townhouse in order to escape his “toxic” marriage. The unnamed source said the two billionaires met dozens of times between 2011 and 2014. In return for his advice about his marriage, Gates allegedly talked to Epstein about rehabilitating his own image.

A spokesperson for Gates denied the allegations, saying he “never received or solicited personal advice of any kind from Epstein.” Given the fact that the deceased pedophile isn’t exactly popular in the press, it’s not surprising Gates would deny a relationship with him. If the allegations are true, however, it certainly makes one wonder what else the two men bonded over.

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