Bill Gates Calls Omicron a Vaccine

Bill Gates Calls Omicron a Vaccine

( – Microsoft founder Bill Gates recently attended the Munich Security Conference 2022 and had some interesting things to say about natural coronavirus immunity. He stated the Omicron variant is a “type of vaccine” in that it gave people who contracted it both B and T-cell immunity. Gates also stated the variant did a better job of reaching more people worldwide than vaccines themselves.

According to the businessman, he believes a survey of African countries would show about 80% either had exposure to different coronavirus variants or the vaccine. He said such high exposure should reduce the instances of severe disease.

Gates thinks when a pandemic happens again in the future, the mRNA technology should allow the world to recover more quickly – likely in six months as opposed to two years.

Interestingly, reports from CNBC showed Gates profited greatly from the viral spread, adding $7 billion to his portfolio, and he’s not the only one to benefit financially. Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos also increased their wealth by billions, begging the question of whether Gates would even want a swift recovery the next time around.

Either way, the billionaire seems to believe the most effective combatant against the coronavirus ended up being, in part, the virus itself.

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