Bill Clinton Allegedly Threatened Publisher Over Epstein Story

Bill Clinton Allegedly Threatened Publisher Over Epstein Story

( – Various email exchanges between Daily Mail’s Sharon Churcher and Jeffrey Epstein’s accuser Virginia Giuffre became public on January 4, and it features a claim that former US President Bill Clinton tried to protect him. Allegedly, the Democratic leader pressured Vanity Fair not to publish any articles related to his so-called “good friend.”

In the emails, the accuser discussed the sale of her photo to the media outlet to go with an article that it was preparing. Lawyer Brad Edwards favored the sale and even floated giving Vanity Fair (which was referred to as “VF” in the emails) different statements about her experiences with Epstein.

However, Churcher suggested that publishing the article could eventually affect her chances of publishing a book about Epstein’s crimes in the future, as she noted that he had powerful connections in the industry. For her part, Giuffre pointed out she was only concerned about the article’s content and the way Vanity Fair was planning to portray her.

Giuffre told Churcher in the emails that she was looking at the positive and negative scenarios of the article that was going to be published. She explained that the upside would be that the piece would expose the whole case and make everyone know about the atrocities committed by Epstein. Nevertheless, Giuffre recognized that the negative aspect of publishing the article was that it could bring “delicate” consequences.

In another email, Giuffre told Churcher that she was worried about what Vanity Fair could want to write about her, as she received information about Clinton threatening some of its editors not to write about Epstein’s “sex trafficking.” She added she didn’t want to give people a “bad image” and told Churcher she was thankful for having a friend like her “inside.”

The emails became part of a new batch of records stemming from Giuffre’s civil case against Ghislaine Maxwell in 2015 that New York’s Southern District released. Documents related to the criminal investigation of Epstein revealed that he and Clinton allegedly had a close relationship, with the former commander-in-chief visiting his island on different occasions. The fact that Epstein visited the White House on numerous occasions during the Clinton administration seems to confirm this.

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