Bill Barr Disturbed By Joe Biden’s Big Lie

Bill Barr Disturbed By Joe Biden's Big Lie

( – In March, the New York Times reported about the federal investigation into Hunter Biden’s emails on his laptop. According to the paper, the report confirmed that some of the emails and international business connections were accurate, and former Attorney General Bill Barr commented. In an interview with Fox News, Barr stated he was “disturbed” that President Joe Biden lied to America during the 2020 election cycle when he said the accusations against his son were “baseless.”

On national TV, Barr not only accused the president of lying, but said the act amounted to interference in the last presidential election. During a debate with former President Donald Trump, the former AG said Biden was confronted about his son and the controversy swirling about the laptop, which the US leader called disinformation from Russia. Barr believes he knew full well at the time that what he stated in front of America was not the truth.

The New York Times wrote that those involved in the laptop investigation confirmed some of the emails between Hunter Biden and his business colleague, Devon Archer, regarding their overseas business activity were authentic. Notably, Mr. Biden never denied the authenticity of the emails in question.

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