Big Tech Censors Rand Paul

Big Tech Censors Rand Paul

( – Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is an outspoken critic of Big Tech’s love for censorship. He’s also been very critical of the restrictive COVID-19 measures put into place during the pandemic. Those two issues collided this week.

On Monday, August 9, YouTube suspended the senator for posting a video about masks. The lawmaker shared the video last week, in which he said “cloth masks don’t work,” nor do most over-the-counter face coverings, either.

YouTube banned the senator from posting for seven days for violating “medical misinformation policies.”

Paul spoke out against the ban, calling it a “very dangerous [and] incredibly anti-free speech” approach. The senator accuses the social media company of government-like strongarming.

Former President Donald Trump sued social media companies last month over similar claims.

As Paul pointed out, private companies have the right to ban whoever they want from their platforms. However, there’s an argument that if the companies are doing the government’s bidding and censoring Americans, that would be a violation of the First Amendment. Trump could set that precedent if he wins his suits.

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