Biden’s First Words After Mass Shooting Criticized

Biden's First Words After Mass Shooting Criticized

( – Yet again, America has been rocked by a massacre in a school, with three children and three adults dead in Tennessee. At times like this, the first duty of the president is to give a dignified and respectful response on behalf of the nation. Instead, President Joe Biden decided to give a bizarre — and at times creepy — monologue about ice cream.

On March 27, Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old woman who identified as a man, assaulted her former school in Nashville, Tennessee, with a sporting rifle. She managed to kill three nine-year-old children and three of The Covenant School’s staff before Nashville cops, who arrived within minutes and stormed straight into the school, shot her dead. The fast police response undoubtedly averted a much worse tragedy, but it was bad enough already.

At a time like this, you’d expect the president to give a dignified speech about the values that hold our society together. Instead, President Biden introduced himself to a group of businesswomen as “Dr. Jill Biden’s husband” and then immediately started discussing his favorite flavor of ice cream. He told the group he was there “because I heard there was chocolate chip ice cream” before telling them he had a refrigerator full of ice cream upstairs.

Once he finally managed to stop talking about chocolate chip ice cream, Biden then asked, “who are those good-looking kids back there?” and invited one of the attendees’ children to stand up while he told a disjointed anecdote about his own childhood. Finally, after he’d apparently finished and the music had struck up to mark the end of his speech, the confused president picked up the microphone again to announce, “I can’t stay,” then added, “There’s a little thing going on in, around the world.”

Biden was speaking at a scheduled event for businesswomen, and of course, it was right for that to go ahead, but should he have acted with more dignity and dropped the weak jokes about ice cream? Many people took to social media to say so.

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