Biden Tries and Fails to Resurrect Russiagate

Biden Tries and Fails to Resurrect Russiagate

( – For years, Democrats have claimed Russia interfered in the 2016 election with the help of Donald Trump. Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s extensive investigation found no collusion between the Trump Campaign and the former soviet country. Additionally, the Left accused the president of ignoring bounties on the heads of troops, which was also debunked. Joe Biden has now resurrected this nonsense from the ashes.

At the October 22 debate, Biden claimed Trump is weak on Russia and refuses to call out President Vladimir Putin on election interference and other topics.

The president laughed off the former vice president’s outrageous claims.

Donald Trump Jr. then took to Twitter to remind the American people who was in charge during the last election.

During the back and forth, President Trump finally hit Biden with the question everyone wants an answer to.

For more than a week, Hunter Biden’s shady foreign business dealings have been in the news. He was allegedly using his father’s position as vice president to rake in millions from around the world. The Democratic nominee offered weak denials and tried to move on, but the president’s truth bomb seemed to stick.

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