Biden Suggests Using Military Force Against Iran

Biden Suggests Using Military Force Against Iran

Biden Approves Use of FORCE – He Actually Said It!

( – Before departing for the Middle East, President Joe Biden sat down with a reporter to record an interview for Israeli TV. Speaking with Yonet Levi of Channel 12 News, Biden answered some tough questions on his potential actions should Iran become a nuclear state. When asked about putting his foot down and taking a forceful stance, the president answered “yes,” in a last resort situation.

The Threat Grows

Biden spent a good deal of time blaming his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, for the current situation in Iran. He explained to Levi that the only threat worse than the current Iranian regime is to see them armed with nuclear weapons. The president then insisted that the US withdrawal from the 2015 international accord was the mitigating factor to Iran’s decision to step up uranium enrichment. The deal, which is still technically in place between the rogue state and other signing nations, is the latest in a long line of attempts to squash the atomic aspirations of a government known to support terrorism.

It Started with a Revolution

Ironically, The United States provided Iran with its first nuclear reactor in 1967. In 1970, Iran joined with much of the world in vowing nuclear non-proliferation. The nation’s power program posed no threat until the Iranian Revolution in 1979, which saw the country transform from a free, democratic state into a den of Islamic extremism under the rule of the Ayatollahs.

Since 1984, when the US government listed Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism, world leaders have struggled to deal with the ever-present threat of Iran. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which polices the country with an iron fist, is on the list of foreign terrorist organizations.

What Comes Next?

Iran seems unwilling to reconsider a deal with the US and, by most accounts, is on the brink of having enough enriched uranium to develop a weapon. While Biden says he’s committed to negotiating peace and bringing it back into a controlled situation, he’s not willing to remove the IRGC from the terrorist organization list or soften his stance on possible last resort decisions.

Biden also spoke of the need for stability in the region overall, emphasizing that integrating the Israelis further with their neighbors would prove valuable in working with the Palestinians down the road.

The president’s strong stance on the issue may be due to limited options at this point, as Iran still seems unwilling to budge. Once they do cross the threshold of controlling nuclear weapons, there will be no turning back — no more looking to make a deal to keep them from enriching. The damage will be done, and foreign policy on Iran will move from preventing a nuclear state to dealing with yet another one.

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