Biden Officials Scrambling in Damage Control Mode After What He Said

Biden Officials Scrambling in Damage Control Mode After What He Said

( – On March 24, President Joe Biden delivered a speech in Poland at the Royal Castle regarding the war in Ukraine. At the end of his talk, the US leader stated Putin could not remain in power, seemingly indicating there should be a power change in the Russian government. While speaking to the 82nd Airborne in Rzeszów, located in southeastern Poland, that same day, he talked about what the soldiers would see in Ukraine when they were there. From Biden’s conversation, he appeared to be saying US troops were going into the war-torn country. After the missteps when speaking to the public, the administration had to clarify his remarks.

White House Clean Up

Many interpreted the president’s first remarks about Putin’s removal from power as Biden calling for a Russian regime change. However, a White House official quickly came out afterward to say the US leader meant to say the Russian president cannot continue to “exercise power” over his neighbors in the region. They said Biden wasn’t talking about Putin’s power in his own country.

Officials had to walk back more comments by the commander-in-chief by clarifying he didn’t intend to send American troops into Ukraine during the war. They said Biden was clear about not sending soldiers into the current war, and he has not changed his position on the matter.

The president also talked about Russia using chemical weapons, stating doing so would “trigger a response in-kind,” which alarmed many who assumed he meant there would be a chemical attack against Russia in response. However, National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan came out to clarify the president’s words once again, stating the US wasn’t going to use chemical weapons, but Russia would pay a “severe price” if they decided to stoop to that level.

Words Matter

While in Poland, the president met with soldiers, refugees, and humanitarians giving aid to those in crisis, delivering an address outlining the challenges ahead in the war and the aftermath to come. However, the White House had to backtrack several times to tell the world what Biden meant to say. In all times, but especially in those of turmoil and crisis, words matter, especially when they come from the President of the United States – the leader of the free world.

Politicians and world leaders must be cautious about the words they use and the context in which they use them so their message is clear. In this case, the administration found it necessary to course-correct Biden’s statements for clarity purposes multiple times.

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