Biden Impeachment Paperwork Leaves The House

Biden Impeachment Paperwork Leaves The House

( – A motion to impeach President Joe Biden has been signed in the House. At this stage, the House will send the motion to a pair of committees to investigate the issues leading to articles of impeachment, which accuse the president of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

On June 22, the House of Representatives moved to send articles of impeachment to two different committees. Media reports described this as a “slowing down” of the more conservative wing of the Republican party, which was pushing for a quick vote. The impeachment articles will be sent to the Homeland Security Committee and the House Judiciary Committee to review the alleged wrongdoings of the president.

President Biden is also facing an investigation of his and his family’s business dealings with foreign nationals in the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees. These investigations are also expected to give momentum to Biden’s possible impeachment.

Some House Republicans want a slower approach to any possible presidential impeachment, while the “hard right” has pushed for quicker action. These hardliners were reportedly eager to remove the president as they voted on Thursday, June 22. Representative Laura Boebert’s motion to move ahead with a Biden impeachment looks to have divided House Republicans.

The motion to impeach the president highlighted the steep challenge that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy faces in trying to corral the House’s majority party. Despite the far right’s eagerness to proceed with a Biden impeachment, House Speaker McCarthy said “now” was not the correct time.

McCarthy asked Republicans of the House what sort of majority they wanted to be, saying he believed sending the articles of impeachment to the Homeland Security Committee was in the best interest of all involved. McCarthy went on to say that bringing these charges up prematurely would undercut what the House committees are doing.

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