Biden Family Relied on Hunter Biden Money, Texts Reportedly Show

Biden Family Relied on Hunter Biden Money, Texts Reportedly Show

( – While President Joe Biden was running for President of the United States, his son Hunter allegedly dropped off his own laptop at a repair shop in their home state of Delaware and never picked it up again. At the end of 2019, the laptop was turned over to the FBI and has since been the subject of nothing less than a scandal involving the Biden family. Now, new texts reportedly show a link between the younger Biden’s finances and that of his father, who sits in the White House.

The New Information

New texts from the laptop allege Hunter Biden gave half of his salary to President Biden and was paying at least some of his household expenses while the elder Biden was serving as vice president. Hunter Biden said he wouldn’t make his daughter pay him half her income like his “pop” did in an apparent conversation with her.

In an email exchange with Eric Schwerin in the summer of 2010 entitled “JRB Bills,” Hunter’s partner spoke about the upkeep of the then-vice president’s lush property in Wilmington, Delaware. He outlined expenses, including a painter and various repair jobs costing thousands of dollars total. In July 2021, The New York Post wrote an article detailing the email exchanges and expenses tying the two’s finances together. The question is: Where was all the money coming from? Considering the revelations surrounding Hunter and his involvement with a Chinese energy company, one has to wonder. That’s especially true if we assume the “big guy” referred to in Hunter’s emails with Tony Bobulinski was Joe Biden himself.

Past Finances Intertwined

Apparently, in the spring of 2018, Secret Service responded to an unusual transfer of $25,000 from Hunter to an escort in California from a joint account with Joe Biden. Another incident surrounded charges from a hotel room, also from a joint account, where the Secret Service had to intervene again.

Clearly, the intermingling of funds between father and son, given the elder’s political stance, rouses quite a suspicion around Hunter’s activities. For instance, did the son use joint funds in his dealings overseas as casually as he seemed to do in the past? If so, that could cause conflicts of interest that could put a strain on Biden’s stint as vice president and his position today as POTUS.

What else will America find out from the laptop scandal that never seems to end? More importantly, will there be any consequences for the activities and information found on the device?

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