Biden Called Out for Racist Comment

Biden Called Out for Racist Comment

( – As the election nears, the candidates are under more scrutiny than ever before. Recently, Democratic nominee Joe Biden found himself in hot water again after a video surfaced of him making a seemingly racist comment.

On September 15, Biden held a campaign event where he talked about how the coronavirus pandemic may have eased racial tensions. His reasoning? Americans realized “some black woman” was stocking the shelves at the grocery store and allowing people to stay home.

It’s hard to decide what’s more racist about his comment. Is it the idea that black women are just stocking shelves in grocery stores while the real achievers are at home? Or, the idea that white people can’t stock grocery shelves?

Biden is often referred to as a “gaffe machine,” but when do those “gaffes” get called what they really are: racism? How is it President Donald Trump is accused of being a racist every day, but “Mr. You Ain’t Black” gets away with it? The hypocrisy is astounding.

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