Beloved Television Series Bashed for Going Woke

Beloved Sitcom Bashed for Going Woke

( The beloved British sci-fi show Doctor Who celebrated its 60th anniversary recently with three special episodes, yet the show is under fire for leaning into “woke” territory.

The latest episode, featuring David Tennant’s return as the 14th Doctor and co-starring Catherine Tate as Donna Noble, became controversial due to its focus on gender issues. The uproar particularly erupted when the Doctor interacted with an alien creature called The Meep, voiced by Miriam Margolyes.

During the episode, the Doctor offered to help The Meep get home, sparking a discussion about pronouns. When the Doctor referred to The Meep as “he,” Rose Noble, played by transgender actor Yasmin Finney, questioned the assumption. The Doctor corrected the slip and asked if The Meep identified as “he, she, or they.” In a quirky twist, The Meep’s chosen pronoun turned out to be “The,” stating, “I am always The Meep.”

Social media exploded with criticism, calling it “woke propaganda” and using the hashtag #RIPDoctorWho. Viewers felt the show’s latest direction prioritized an agenda over storytelling, with some declaring it “preachy” and just a “delivery system for The Message.”

Despite the backlash, there’s a divide among fans. While many slammed the episode, others hailed the show’s commitment to progressive values and inclusivity. Admirers praised showrunner Russell T. Davies for embracing trans-inclusive elements, commending his courage in standing up for diversity.

Doctor Who has always dipped into social issues, a trend that started long ago. Originally meant to educate children about science and history, the show evolved to address societal matters like racism and sexism. However, the decision to introduce the first female Doctor, portrayed by Jodie Whittaker in 2017, sparked controversy and online trolling, highlighting the challenges of shifting gender roles in pop culture.

The recently announced 15th Doctor, Ncuti Gatwa, raised eyebrows among a section of fans due to his black and gay identity. Yet, Gatwa’s casting has also garnered significant support and praise for the show’s evolving diversity.

As the debate over Doctor Who’s direction rages on, the show’s legacy of reflecting contemporary issues continues to challenge and divide its fanbase.

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