Bakery Predicts Elections by Selling Cookies With Candidates’ Names on Them

Bakery Predicts Elections by Selling Cookies With Candidates' Names on Them

( – Every four years, people begin talking about psychic animals that are predicting who will win the presidential election. But it’s not just animals; there’s a bakery that has correctly chosen the winner in the last three match-ups.

Lochel’s Bakery in Hatboro, PA, has a shop full of delicious bakery items, but one product is flying out of their cases: cookies with the presidential candidates’ names. Each one counts as one vote for the candidates. Every so often, owner Kathleen Lochel tallies the counts up and right now she says President Donald Trump is winning the battle.

She said the current POTUS “would blow it out of the water” if the election were held today according to their cookie poll.

The presidential election is less than three weeks away. Will the bakery be right for the fourth time in a row?

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