Armed Gunman Arrested Outside Kamala Harris’ Residence

Armed Gunman Arrested Outside Kamala Harris' Residence

( – It’s no secret that Vice President Kamala Harris has had a strained relationship with law enforcement. After the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill, she all but accused officers of racism. Fortunately for her, the police community does their jobs in spite of her negativity.

On Wednesday, March 17, the Secret Service stopped a wanted man, Paul Murray, near the vice president’s Washington, DC residence. The man was taken into custody outside of the Naval Observatory. Law enforcement later found his car parked in a garage downtown with an AR-15 and unregistered ammunition in the car. Harris has not been staying at that residence because it’s undergoing renovations, but that’s typically where the VP lives.

Although the vice president was not in danger, this is an example of how quickly the Secret Service acts. They found Murray on the street after an intelligence briefing from Texas alerted them to his possible presence. Maybe now Harris will start to appreciate how hard the brave men and women in law enforcement work to keep us all safe.

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